How do you use your smartphone in winter to avoid frost problems?

Smartphones can be problematic in winter – the battery drains more quickly, the screen becomes slow and even the phone may not boot up at all. All of this is caused by low temperatures, which can have a negative impact on the performance of the device. So it’s worth knowing how to use your smartphone properly in winter to avoid these problems.

Smartphones and other electronic devices usually operate thanks to lithium-ion batteries. The chemical processes that are responsible for their operation slow down as the temperature drops.

If the device cools down, the temperature of the electrolyte liquid in the battery also decreases. The low temperature of the electrolyte restricts the movement of the ions that are responsible for generating energy. The properties of the metals in the battery also change at low temperatures.

Low temperatures are not good for the materials from which the device is made. At lower temperatures, many of them reduce in volume – they simply shrink. These changes are invisible to the naked eye.

List of smartphone problems caused by winter and cold weather

  • Faster battery drainage – cold temperatures encourage faster battery drainage, so it’s a good idea to take a powerbank with you or have a charger on hand.
  • Slower screen performance – in the cold, the screen can become slower or even become completely immobile. This can be remedied by keeping the phone in a warm place or carrying it in a special heat-insulating case.
  • Difficulty starting the phone – in cold temperatures, the phone may struggle to start up or even not respond to the buttons at all. If this happens, keep the phone warm, e.g. by holding it close to your body or in a warm place.
  • Damage to electronics – freezing temperatures can lead to damage to the electronics on your smartphone, so avoid keeping it in places where the temperature is very low (e.g. in the boot of a car, in a freezer, etc.).
  • Freezing touch – in winter, it can happen that the touch of the screen freezes, preventing the phone from working properly. This can be remedied by wearing gloves or keeping the phone in a warm place.

Which phone accessories to buy for winter?

  • A heat-resistant case – a special case that protects your phone from low temperatures and keeps it warm.
  • Touch gloves – these will allow you to use your phone comfortably, even when it is very cold outside.
  • Powerbank or charger – worth having on hand to charge your phone when needed.
  • Earphone cover – protect your earphones from the cold so they will work properly even in cold weather.
  • Camera lens cover – prevents the camera lens from freezing so your photos won’t be blurry.