Gamescom 2022 – The most interesting games we heard about this year at Gamescom

The next Gamescom fair is an annual carousel of new trailers, trailers, teasers, gameplays and other information about upcoming premieres in the gaming world. What caught our attention this year? Which games are we waiting for the most? What we found the most interesting and surprising? We present our subjective ranking of games from Gamescom 2022.

Dune: Awakening

First – a book and a movie. Every self-respecting nerd should know the title “Dune” by hearsay at least. In addition, the 2021 movie and its planned sequel dusted off the subject of the desert planet and huge maggots a bit.

Thanks to the announced game, you will have the opportunity to visit Arrakis in the form of an open world, MMO formula, trying to survive the desert nights and days. The short teaser refers directly to the latest movie, but it seems that our hero will not have much in common with the Atreides. Rather, we will focus on harvesting the spice, surviving, and ranking high in the sietch. These are, of course, our short conspiracies, rumors and fantasies, but we are already looking forward to playing Dune: Awakening.

The Lords of the Fallen

The first version of this game was not an outstanding game. We spent a few difficult moments with it in quite typical for such games locations, enemies, blows and dodges. Average game, typical time filler awaiting more releases.

According to the developers’ assurances, the new version will be more dynamic and simply better. There is nothing to expect a big hit, but at least an improvement over the original.

The footage we saw was a bit darker than what we saw in 2014. From our subjective point of view, they looked better, more interesting and they promise a little more.

Fallen Atlas

Kolejna propozycja w pustynnych klimatach? To chyba jedyny punkt wspólny z Dune: Awakening. W przypadku gry Atlas Fallen zamiast skupianiu się na przetrwaniu weźmiemy do ręki potężny miecz i przy użyciu magii będziemy chcieli pokonać pędzące na nas pustynne stwory.

Zwiastun wyglądał interesująco i dynamicznie. Pytanie czy twórcy utrzymają poziom, krótkiej filmowej zapowiedzi gry?

New Tales from the Borderlands

For the next title, the bar will be set much higher. We are dealing here with a continuation of the Borderlands series, and its previous parts provided us with many hours of fun.

Of course, the form of the game will change a bit, but we count on a similar style, humor and crazy adventures of a group of losers in a well-known world.

Gotham Knights

DC comics, dark Gotham, lots of enemies and some superheroes? What more could you want. The game is not related to the popular Batman games in recent years, but it should maintain a similar atmosphere and type of gameplay.

So we are already waiting for October so that we can check again what happened in Gotham and try to fix it.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

This is one of the smaller productions – it seems to be an interesting combination of platformer and other genres. The trailer, the storyline, the fragments of the gameplay shown and the general atmosphere are so interesting that we will be waiting impatiently for more materials and the release date. A dark and demonic criminal puzzle is something that we will be happy to spend long hours.