The story behind the name “Apple”

Apple has grown into a powerful company with a market cap of over $ 1 trillion. Let’s learn some interesting facts about Apple, including where it got its name from, who its founders were and what they created, and the meaning of the Apple logo, which is a huge part of its identity!

1. Apple founder Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955. After moving with his family to Mountain View, he returned to his native San Francisco at the age of ten. It was this first visit to the city that inspired him to create Apple Incorporated. The story says that Jobs and Steve Wozniak, his friend at Homestead High School in Silicon Valley, were on their way one night to meet a popular computer club. But they missed the last bus home. So they decided to buy a case of apple juice for half a cent apiece and sell it door-to-door for 50 cents. They managed to sell everything and decided to start their own company called Apple Incorporated, which produced the first Apple computer.

2. Steve Jobs’ biological father is Syrian but adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs

Jobs was born to Syrian parents, Abdulfattah Jandala and Joanne Simpson, who placed him up for adoption. His biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali, at the time of Steve’s birth, was a Syrian graduate studying in the US. Jobs’s biological mother, Joanne Simpson, was a Syrian American who married an American but divorced a month later and returned to Syria with her child. Since she never revealed her father’s identity, speculation has arisen that Paul Jobs may have been his father or even Steve’s grandfather, which turned out to be untrue. Jandali later revealed that Simpson’s father had threatened to cut Joanne off from the family if they detained Steve, so Jandali and his wife began to raise him.

3. Apple’s first product was a personal computer called the Apple I, which cost $666.66

It cost $ 666.66 and was designed and hand-built by Wozniak in 1976. Despite its humble beginnings, this first Apple computer has become the foundation of one of the world’s most valuable companies. Jobs later negotiated an agreement to hold a stake in the company as well as receive a day-to-day management fee from Apple to remain CEO. Wozniak would have received a higher fee, but Jobs decided that he deserved more, because without him the company would not exist.

4. In 1984, one year after NeXT Computer Inc was founded, Steve Jobs returned to his old company as its CEO and chairman of the board

He found Apple in a deep crisis. To make matters worse, the personal computer market was plummeting and Macintosha series profits were plummeting. In 1985 the first Macintosh with a Motorola 68000 microprocessor was introduced. Then the system 7 was introduced. In 1990 they introduced laser printers.

In 1995, they introduced new versions of Mac and Windows that were compatible with each other, which led to sales growth for both sides. This was followed by a huge success in 1996 when an advanced computer called Newton was released. They also released more new Macintosh models, but its popularity did not explode until it found its way into the iMac G3.

5. One of the most iconic symbols in history is also an important part of the Apple logo – it’s a bitten apple!

The Apple logo is also one of the most iconic symbols in history. The story behind him is that Jobs wanted the company to have at its core his favorite fruit – an apple. So he came up with the idea that it should be symbolized by a bitten apple. He soon changed his mind and began to consider other ideas, but stayed with the bitten apple design because he felt it was so perfect.

Since its inception in 1976, Apple has taken the world by storm. What started as a company of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with equipment worth several hundred dollars is today one of the most valuable companies in the world, valued at over $ 1 trillion. Its market capitalization would make it one of only three US companies to ever hit this milestone (the other two being Microsoft and ExxonMobil). The company’s current CEO is Tim Cook, who replaced founder Steve Jobs when he passed away in 2011 after 25 years of service.