Yahoo! Group – The largest technological brands in the world. History, offer and company profile

Yahoo! Group is one of the largest technology brands in the world. It has a long history and its most famous products are Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Mail, both still popular.

The company was founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo when they were students at Stanford University. They created a website to easily search for information on the Internet for people with different interests.

The company grew quickly as it offered something no other search engine had ever offered: free email accounts along with every search results page. After two years of rapid growth, the Yahoo! went public in 1996 and became worth $ 4 billion just a few months after the IPO (Initial Public Offering). Yahoo stood out from all other companies because it was a portal, not just a search engine. This meant that its main purpose was to provide information and entertainment to the user, not just direct search results on the web.

Yahoo! Group It grew until 1998, when the “dot-com bubble” burst (the end of the 1990s stock bubble) and led to the collapse of many companies. Goodwill, which was $ 13 billion in January 2000, was now less than $ 4 billion. This collapse is often described as the biggest collapse of the new economy (companies that operated primarily on the stock market and relied on Internet technologies such as the Yahoo! Group).

In 2006, Jerry Yang returned to the position of leadercompany. Under his leadership, the company began to focus on products that have become popular today, including Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger. The group was able to strengthen its position as an email service provider by acquiring other companies. For example, in 2007, it acquired Flickr, which now belongs to the group, as a Flickr photo sharing service.

In 2012, the Yahoo! started working with Mozilla Firefox to provide its users with a new search experience after it withdrew from the Chinese market in 2010.

Today, the group is one of the most recognized technology brands in the world and has approximately 700 million monthly active users. Its popular email service alone has over 200 million registered accounts worldwide.

Yahoo! Group still growing and offering other products such as the news portal, which is one of the most visited sites in the United States. The group also owns Tumblr, which was founded in 2007 by David Karp. Other popular brands include Flurry (a mobile analytics company) and YDN (Yahoo Developer Network).

In 2014, Yahoo! The group has been restructured and its assets divided into two divisions: the “Mavens” division (Tumblr, Flurry, Brightroll) and the “returns” division (Yahoo! Small Business, Yahoo! Shopping and Gemini Ads).

Today, the Yahoo! is a key player in the world of the tech industry and has a huge impact on the products offered by other groups.