End of Google Stadia – The giant shuts down its cloud gaming service

Google unveiled its cloud gaming service in late 2019. A lot of money was invested in Google Stadia, but from the very beginning there were doubts about the future of this service.

After all, the service took off, the game library grew, and Google even invested in studios to create exclusive games. Unfortunately, it is already known today that the studios were closed a year ago, and Google Stadia itself will cease to operate on January 18, 2023.

Now what about Google Stadia users?

They will lose access to any games they have purchased through the service. However, Google will refund the money for games, add-ons, and hardware users have purchased.

Why is Google closing the service?

Of course, we do not know the full picture, and Google gives general information in its statement about the insufficient popularity of the Google Stadia service.

What are the other cloud gaming services?

There are more and more services of this type. The most famous are certainly NVIDIA GeForce Now, PlayStation Now or the possibilities related to Xbox GamePass.

However, Shadow, Amazon Luna, Playkey, Paperspace, Blacknut, Rainway, NetBoom and Boosteroid are known only to gamers and already have impressive game libraries.

How does cloud gaming work?

Very much like playing movies on streaming services. In the past, we didn’t have fast enough internet and needed DVDs. Today, the internet is so fast that the game can be run on the service provider’s servers and be sent to the device and the player’s screen.

Thanks to this solution, we do not need to have our own expensive equipment for playing computer games. All we need is a standard computer and good internet.

In addition, we do not have to download games to our equipment, which can sometimes take up to several hours with a pretty good internet connection.

In addition, if you use a laptop, you do not need to take your console with you to play away.