Adobe – The world’s largest technology brands. History, offer and company profile

The company was founded in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. Initially, Adobe was a software development company, but soon they started building hardware themselves, such as PostScript page description language and the Apple LaserWriter printer, to help them sell the software.

In 1990, Adobe released its first version of Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files on computers running Microsoft Windows. In 1993, she released Acrobat Exchange for Macintosh to allow more users to access Acrobat Reader features. Illustrator was released in 1994 as a companion product to Photoshop. In 1995, it acquired Aldus PageMaker, which became the market leader in desktop publishing software with approximately 70% of the industry’s revenue, or $ 600 million annually at that time. In 1996, the Macromedia Breeze design software was also released.

In December 2005, Adobe Systems finalized the $ 3.4 billion acquisition of Macromedia, which was incorporated into the Adobe West division led by former Macromedia president Rob Burgess. Adobe has lost approximately 750 jobs, or 4% of all employees, since its purchase.

The company’s mission is to help people and organizations create, share and deliver experiences that inspire and engage. Adobe offers a wide range of development products and services, including Photoshop, Acrobat, Flash Player, Dreamweaver, Director, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Adobe also offers digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Adobe has regional offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas.